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Fashion Thieves: A Master List

The fashion industry is a shambles. We can all admit that in 2016 there is no such thing as originality, but some people take the piss. In an industry where copyright laws barely exist, someone has to speak up. Unfortunately there is very little smaller brands and artists can do to defend themselves against theft. This list began when I covered Gucci ripping off Diane Goldie's work. You can read about that here.

I want to stamp out the myth that smaller artists should be "flattered" that a larger brand has copied them. It's not flattery, it's theft. I and many others refuse to accept this.

I'm creating a master list, of all the larger brands and corporations who have stolen designs from smaller independent artists. If you wish to add to my list, get in touch with me. You'll find me somewhere on social media.

I want to provide an extra voice, and coverage on the artists who couldn't afford to take the brands to court. What I want from this is for cons…

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