5 Ways to Treat Your Vagina with Respect


Your vagina is a very important thing.

Now don't worry I'm not gonna wap out the biology diagrams and facts and spam you with all the health benefits and shit that it gives you. But what I will talk about is ways you can treat yourself, but more so your vagina, with respect. 

Now these points may seem obvious but you'd be surprised how people can simply forget. It's important to take note of these things because ultimately - they can do you absolutely no harm, and anyone else. And if anything, they'll help you be more confident in yourself and your genitals.

I have a few younger people who read my blog and I think it's very important to make these points clear to them, and everyone else.


  1. Remember that however you think it looks, it's NORMAL. - Now don't worry, I've been there. I was told I had an 'outy' by the first guy I ever let see it. He said it looked weird and horrible to all his friends and I'd say it took me til now to get over that. What YOU have to remember, is to fuck what anyone might say about it. It is 100% likely that your vagina is completely normal. Just google what others look like, and the only thing you SHOULD notice is that they're all simply different. What you should also realise, is if one guy or girl insults your vagina - they haven't had much of it - otherwise they'd know everyone is different too. 
  2. Participate in safe sex - Seems obvious doesn't it? But for crying out loud participate! If a guy argues with you on whether or not he should wear a condom then for the love of sexual health through him out. To argue about contraception instead of respecting a woman's (or his own) right to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases - which could make you INFERTILE OR KILL YOU by the way - is kinda fucking rude don't you think? Do not let anyone persuade you with stupid myths that it's okay. If you're at a stage with someone where you're comfortable with non protected (but I hope otherwise protected unless you're ready to have a baby) sex then it's all good, but if it's not someone you absolutely trust, just don't do it. It's important to treat your vagina with respect by keeping it healthy. You wouldn't voluntarily breathe in someone elses sneezes, so why sleep with them without a condom - unless you're ready or protected in another way? 
  3. Don't get paranoid and over clean her - Don't get paranoid about smells and discharge. Google the abnormal types and most likely you won't need to see a doctor. If you are paranoid about odour or discharge though, you can purchase Always Dailies, which are pretty good OR use A small amount of FemFresh in the shower - don't use other soaps and overclean her. She naturally cleans herself because she's fuckin clever. Yassssss. 
  4. Get tested for STD's regularly - It's good for yourself and others to get tested for STD's regularly. And it can't do any harm. And you never know, maybe someone gave you something and they didn't know because they haven't checked. It's better to be safe than sorry, and you wouldn't want to hurt anyone else or yourself for doing something that people can only recommend? 
  5. Don't let her be treated like a piece of meet for the catch - it is within your right to say no to any advances that come your way, and within your right to tell them to FUCK OFF instead of listing various made up reasons why you simply just are not interested. I believe you should be as 'promiscuous' as you want, honestly whatever makes you happy. But DO NOT let yourself be treated like a catch, a notch on the belt or anything else. I shall not dictate what guys you should go for, but it's never a good feeling to be dropped like a hot potato I must admit. Make clear decisions about your sex life and above anything else make sure YOU'RE happy with those decisions - fuck what anyone else thinks. 

Well I think those are good enough points no?
Do you have any to add?

If not, well - 


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