Vaginas - #notwoarethesame

In light of International Women's Day, William Henry Scott and I devoted our entire day, and our Saturday night to drawing vaginas. It is currently 5am and we have just finished our drawings.

See the wall being built up below.

Here is the finished outcome.

We essentially spent hours and hours staring at all kinds of different vaginas and drawing them out with charcoal. Some abstract, some realistic, some from looking, and some from complete memory. We explored the idea of how no two vaginas are the same. Sure some may look similar when all placed on a wall like this, but upon further inspection no two are the same. We are essentially raising awareness of the idea that there should be absolutely no expectations for what is normal when it comes to the female genitalia. This goes for both genders. Sure, it's fine to have a preference for a particular type of vagina, but it may take you a while to find that exact one because well, there's at least 3.5 BILLION of them and every single one is different in its own way. Vagina's are kind of a like a fingerprint, we thought. Over 200 vaginas were drawn as part of this project and a total of 14 hours were spent working on it.

Moral of the story - do not compare yours to others. They will never be the same. Love yours, because it is only yours, no one else's, and no one else will have one like you ever.

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Lots of love, and Happy International Women's Day


  1. I totally like the concept. Will use your pics and your statement for class (health edu).


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