Everything Wrong with #bossbabe in One Blog Post.

So I have been seeing a lot of #bossbabe memes going around at the moment.

To introduce those of you who are unaware or simply don't care it is a company where you pay $5 a month to chat to other business women and place ads. Or uhh- 'Netwerk'. Whatever that is.

Let me just get the business name out of my system- when someone names their business after a hash tag it does not scream longevity to me. I don't think anyone should name any sort of business with a hash tag because you are not in control of that hash tag. Anyone can make it, and make content, which is also your company name. Just like I'm doing right now. A hash tag screams trend and gimmick to me. Also can we please just take a moment to appreciate #bossBABE because of course all women are attractive and I'm sorry not sorry that babe is a word I've seen in a lads mag more times than I've had hot dinners. So we're off to a bad start with the name.

I am all for a website or company that is an advocate of girl power and unity. In fact it says on the website -

"That myth about women in business not supporting each other is over."
Okay, so at some point we all thought that women didn't support each other in business, compared to the abundance of support men give each other at work? Some women don't support other women, I would say mostly because they are supporting themselves and no, not every girl you meet in business wants to be your new friend. Just like not every business man wants to make friends. But I'm glad it's over now that we have this convenient 'pay $5 to support other business women' thing going on now.

Scanning the information on the website I see a lot of emphasis on the word 'young'. And I mean a lot. It's almost as if you're only worth noticing in business if you're young- how a lot of business women feel when they get older. They feel replaced by younger, fresher talent. You do not have to be 'young' and 'fresh' to be a business woman. 

Of course when you ignore the garish focus on the colour pink which is just BASIC gender role conditioning in itself, it's almost a good tool. You can list your business ads on 'The Pink Pages'. Because 'The Pink Pages' doesn't sound like a totally ridiculous concept. It gives me the same feeling as when you put cartoons on a plaster for infants so it makes injury more tolerable.

Resources are added to the 'Tool Box' which is essentially tips and tutorials and cookie cutter information for people who obviously haven't considered studying or learning a trade in an honest and dedicated manner. The website is supposed to 'teach you' how to run a business. Shame they made this all pink and fluffy- much unlike actual business. 

The shop, which features only one decent product- the 'Thug Life' seemingly neutral in gender tshirt that features Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sits among other seemingly 'Instagrammed' product shots. By this I mean they are selfies. And look  like they were taken from Instagram. Looks like whoever is the #bossbabe of the product photography needs better tools in her 'tool box'. 

#BOSSBABE INC. is a lifestyle brand that glamorizes young, fly and sexy millennial business women to connect, confess, and netwerk

Now that I'm done grilling the website let's just take a look at some of the memes this company ships out to 'inspire' women. But only the young pretty women mind you. I will post a series of my favourite #bossbabe memes and underneath will put in my tuppence. 

Jesus Christ. 

You don't do business like them because you would not be taken seriously in an office if you looked like this. A person with a blatant disregard for professional clothing, certainly doesn't do business like 'them'.

I have noticed the negative questions only come from males, it seems. 

Marilyn Monroe makes a frequent appearance in some memes although it's a common fact that she was not a business woman she was an actress who was described as child like and naive by several sources. She is not rumoured to have bought any tables.

Wrong answer- you're not hired.

Women not categorised as #bossbabes are basics, and obviously they are not supported in the same way.

Required tools - A spellchecker 

No you are obsessed with money because you think that's the only way you can be free. 

Get your own wifi! No one is going to GIVE YOU obviously a massive component to running your business for free. You are not entitled to anything. 

My Conclusions 
  • #bossbabe is a gimmick profiting on women who are desperate to be taken seriously but who cannot bear to not be a stunning young hot chick and just get down and dirty. 
  • #bossbabe is almost a parody of everything women who DO take themselves seriously would believe in.
  • Inspiration, skills and drive comes from life experience and it doesn't come from a $5 a month forum. 
  • If you ever refer to yourself as a #bossbabe I guarantee you will not get hired by anyone- (and sure you expect to be the boss) but #bossbabe seems to convey more aspiration, than it does actual success to me. 
  • #bossbabe, when you take away the whole construct of gender in business, has absolutely no grounds for success. If you can't see past gender, I'd be surprised if you could do a tax return.

Just another business making money from the trend of womens' changing roles in society.  



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