Fashion Thieves: A Master List

The fashion industry is a shambles. We can all admit that in 2016 there is no such thing as originality, but some people take the piss. In an industry where copyright laws barely exist, someone has to speak up. Unfortunately there is very little smaller brands and artists can do to defend themselves against theft. This list began when I covered Gucci ripping off Diane Goldie's work. You can read about that here.

I want to stamp out the myth that smaller artists should be "flattered" that a larger brand has copied them. It's not flattery, it's theft. I and many others refuse to accept this.

I'm creating a master list, of all the larger brands and corporations who have stolen designs from smaller independent artists. If you wish to add to my list, get in touch with me. You'll find me somewhere on social media.

I want to provide an extra voice, and coverage on the artists who couldn't afford to take the brands to court. What I want from this is for consumers to consider why they're willing to pay an arm and a leg for large brand's rip offs of independent artists when you could be supporting them (for a fraction of the price normally) and really making a difference to many peoples livelihoods.

Some will always argue the 'nothing is original' concept, but in some cases there is just no excuse. So I will be documenting those.

My disclaimer here is that this list is not gospel, but all of the cases here I have reviewed with sufficient visual evidence, and news coverage where possible. I'm just presenting evidence to consumers. I will categorise into Fashion first of all. Let's begin:

Anthropologie vs Forestbound

Taken from the owner's Instagram and featured in an article on Jezebel.

A small scale bag and tote company has been copied by Anthropologie who took 'inspiration' from one of their designs. The owner posted this on Instagram in response to the theft. Her words are correct, so observe. If you want to go support the real brand, go here. 

ASOS vs Knicker Rocker

Thanks to Anna for bringing this to my attention. ASOS have ripped off Knicker Rocker. 

ASOS rip off above

The original from Knicker Rocker

ASOS vs Hopeless Lingerie

At least Huffington Post covered this. ASOS are also known for ripping off smaller brands. Lingerie brands seem to have it particularly bad. Here's Hopeless Lingerie, go support them. 

Bershka vs Georgia Perry 

I found this here.   Below is a clear rip off, as you can see. Go and support the Melbourne based artist Georgia Perry now. She has stated that this isn't the first time this has happened. 

Bone Idol vs Gitsie Wood
Bone Idol stocks a lot of Dolls Kill stuff apparently but they've countlessly ripped off smaller artists. Here's a link to Gitsie Wood. 

Bone Idol vs Nikki Lipstick 
Nikki Lipstick has been ripped off by a lot of people but they'll be listed here. Bone Idol strikes again. 

Bone Idol vs Bei Bad Girl
Yet more rip offs of Bei Bad Girl:

Chriss Zoe vs Ellie Lawrence

Ellie Lawrence is a talented illustrator whose work is regularly ripped off by t-shirt companies but I will continue to add them to this list. This has since been removed due to campaigning by supporters of Ellie, but he put her illustrations on t-shirts and tried to sell them. Gone, but not forgotten. Follow Ellie on Instagram and you'll no doubt spot more theft of her work. 

Dolls Kill vs Bei Bad Girl
I would like to thank 'Problems with Dolls Kill' blog for these examples, you can view her post here. 
Here is a rip off by Dolls Kill, an absolute rip off, I don't even need to explain these. When emailed for comment, no response. They refused to address the issue.

Main credit card image by Bei Bad Girl, the jumper, a rip off by Dolls Kill & Sugar Pill clothing

Gucci vs Diane Goldie 
Diane Goldie is a feminist artist who creates wearable art, and has a very clear aesthetic to her work which was copied by Gucci in their SS 2017 Ready to Wear collection, displayed in Westminster in 2016. My coverage and evidence of this is here.  Her comments on the issue on magazine Facebook pages covering Gucci's collection were promptly removed and the media has been silencing her since.

Main image is Diane Goldie's work, and on the right just one of the many Gucci rip offs. There is even proof that the designer got 'inspiration' from "London Tribes" - which is what Diane does. 

Lane Bryant vs Shantell Martin 

Original on the left, copy on the right. 

Retailer Lane Bryant recently stole a design of Shantell's and placed it on their Instagram, and on a set of t-shirts. One quick look at Shantell's Instagram and you can see she has been using the phrase, in variations and in artwork for quite some time. Users were quick to point out the similarity. The retailer has since reached out to Shantell and the t-shirt has been taken down.

Tarte Cosmetics vs Unicorn Lashes

On the left we have the independent artist, and on the right the CLEAR copy cats. 

I discovered this on Facebook when the one woman show Mel posted a caption of this. She has been copied by the Cosmetics eTailer. She has the design registered, and was waiting on it being approved in the UK. International is difficult to get so she is seeking legal advice for this. Disappointing. As of this, the brushes are available for pre order. Search 'Unicorn Lashes' on Facebook to get guidance on ordering. Support Mel here. 

Heavy Metal Made Me Do It vs Abandon Ship 

So, please read the above. I was sent this by a friend, but I have been observing Abandon Ship for years now and I strongly encourage you to support their original design. 

The rip off of Abandon Ship's design. On sale for 'a few days only' apparently. 

The screenshot states "The Facebook Page "Metalhead Memes" stole our Death Trooper design and started to sell them through a website called "Teechip". After trying to speak to them directly and then trying to cut them off at the source we unfortunately couldn't stop them profiting from the theft." This is extremely unfortunate so I'm adding this strange Facebook page to the list. Pre order this t-shirt from its direct source here. 

Versace vs KESH
This isn't the first time Versace has been in hot water. Thanks to this blog for outlining just some of the major fashion brands ripping people off. You can follow KESH here. 

Versace vs No Fixed Abode

Thank you to this blog post for providing information on this matter. As labelled below. No Fixed Abode has announced they will be taking legal action against Versace. I wish them all the best. 

Zara Vs Tuesday Bassen 

Zara is also known for ripping people off. I mean they take from the catwalk and put on the rails within 6 weeks anyway, but below is an image taken from Dazed and Confused.  This is another 'taking the piss' rip off. A link to Tuesday Bassen can be found here. Go support her. 



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